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How to find a New York City Video Production Company

Shooting video in New York City is a challenging experience to those without resources. However, by hiring a full service New York City video production company is the key to your project’s success. Very few companies offer every service you will need to get your project completed from conception to completion. The companies that do offer every service under one roof will benefit your project more than going to multiple companies for a handful of services. Quality control of your video is maximized when it is handled by a select group of people who have been trained in each of the crucial steps in the production and post-production process.

From the minute you realize what format and medium you will shoot in, this will determine the road you will need to go down in terms of budget and equipment to create your video. The first step in finding a capable production company to handle this project begins usually with a search through the NY411 guide and finding a company like Suite Spot, LLC ( http://suitespotnyc.com ), DV House, or Bridgeway Video. All services at Suite Spot and the like are catered to being able to help focus a production and drive it in the direction to meet its goals. Look at a demo reel and see their client list. Do they offer one for you to see on their website? How many of their clients have similar needs to your own? Are they shooting Fashion Shows and Music Videos, or filming corporate videos? A company can shoot feature films and still have the diversity to work on short films or commercials. It all depends the New York City video production company and their specialty.

When beginning your project, know what your needs are and look for the skilled and seasoned New York City video production company to do the job. Having the ability to find incredible locations in unique areas, which also need the correct permits to shoot, is essential to your video shoot. Casting talent is a key element along with coordinating the crew. What is the New York City video production company’s talent base? Having a great director or photography and location sound recording will make you very happy when you start to work on your video editing and sound mixing in comfortable suites. You will want to make sure your process is condensed and very efficient. As soon you are out of the field and off of location, you move into their studios.

Beginning the post-production process starts with video dailies from your shoot and making notes about selects you want to pull for your edit. Find a New York City video production company that will accommodate you and provide you DVD dailies so they are viewable everywhere and not just on a Beta tape in the studio. Most companies charge for this service to rent a space to view your material. Finding a New York Video production company that has video editing suites, along with graphics and sound mixing is key. Having all of your services under one roof will make sure you spend less time running between different business that have a different work ethic and quality standard. Suite Spot, LLC were the first to recognize the evolution of the video process, as we know it and pushed each of their suites to maximize your time and tools. So, you will also want to find a company whose work habits mirrors the way that your project works. A harmonious experience with your New York City video production company will be the key to making sure your project meets is success.